How to reach us

Skalica – the school's head office

The main building of the school, in which you can find the management, Rector's Office, Study Department and all other authorities and sites of the school, as well as some classrooms, is located in the town centre at the following address:

Kráľovská 386/11, 909 01 Skalica, Slovakia

The school has two buildings in Skalica. The second building, in which you can find the teaching faculty and where lectures and exercises take place is located at 2 Vally street, about 5 minutes away on foot from the main building.

Košice – Education and Consulting Site of UCE, NPO

The education and consulting site of UCE, NPO. is located right in the centre of Košice at the following address:

Tajovského 1383/15, 04001 Košice, Slovakia