During the 20th-26th May 2013 the Act Director and rector of the University of Central Europe, Dr. H.C. Ing. Heidy Schwarczová, PhD.  along with the acting vice-rector for international relations of Europe Abdallah Mkades  M.A. attended  a seminar in ‘Leadership in Higher Education 2013’ at the Oxford Academy for Education & Development. The seminar facilitated exchange of knowledge and experiences of global leaders in higher education.

Based on the seminar new international network of universities;  OXONIA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK  was established on the 12th of December 2013, where the University of Central Europe (UCEU) was one of the founding members.

On the day of the ceremony many important guests, delegates, deans and rectors from more than ten countries of the world were present. A video of the ceremony can be found HERE 

A speech given by UCEU’s acting vice-rector for international relations of Europe Abdallah Mkades can be found HERE

Membership with the OXONIA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK  provides better enforcement to an international scale to the UCEU. Our University is also involved in discussions about Higher Education, which could develop the cooperation with Oxford Academy for Education & further Development.  This makes the international cooperation and communication with a prestigious University such as Oxford easier and more flexible. Thanks to the membership in OXONIA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK our students have the opportunity to participate in Oxford education via language courses that provide international certificates such as TOEIC, OXTEL and OXPEP, as well as courses in many other fields, which include finance and management. Connection of our university with Oxford and participation on the lectures is provided by video-conference technology (telemost). Students also have the opportunity to travel to Oxford thanks to the OXONIA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY NETWORK.

Document containing all of the founding members can be found HERE