University of the third age

University of the third age

The basic mission of the University of the third age

As part of the life-long education efforts, the University of Central Europe in Skalicaorganises interest-based non-qualification studies at the University of the third age aim of which is to provide the possibility to deepen and supplement acquired knowledge.

The basic mission of the University of the third age at the University of Central Europe in Skalica (hereinafter referred to as the "UTA UCEU") is to open university sources of knowledge, wisdom and skills for persons in senior age and to support intergeneration dialogue. The aim of the education programme is to provide seniors with an opportunity to be introduced on a qualified and university level to the most recent knowledge in the field of science, politics, history and culture. UTA UCEU also fulfils an important social function and motivates students - seniors to get involved in a mentally useful activity.

Studies at UTA UCEU last three years starting in the relevant academic year. Instruction takes place in form of 12 lectures realised in the course of the months of October through June with a special thematic focus for each academic year. In the course of the academic year, lectures for UTA UCEU students are realised in scientific disciplines of international relations, law, ecology, environment and management that UCEU has got accredited university study programmes in. Students learn about several current social topics and issues. Topics of individual lectures are selected in order to be as interesting for students as possible and to broaden their knowledge in the given topic. The lecturers are university educators teaching at UCEU. The current knowledge from selected areas is presented by professionals from the praxis. After each lecture, an active dialogue of the lecturer and students takes place that is a very important instrument of spreading the good name of UCEU in the region.

During studies at UTA UCEU, students gain the same rights as all the other UCEU students and have access to the academic library and the Internet. After the completion of the three-year-long studies, graduates receive a certificate of passing the interest-based non-qualification studies at UTA UCEU during a ceremony.

Application for studies

Studies at UTA UCEU represent interest-based non-qualification studies aimed at wide public. Students of UTA UCEU can be mainly people of the pre-retirement age and retirement age with completed secondary education. The admission procedure is realised without admission exams.

The basic prerequisites of admission for 3-year studies at UTA UCEU:

  1. More than 40 years of age (disability pensioners without age limit);
  2. Successful completion of secondary school education;

If you decide to attend UTA UCEU, it is necessary to apply for studies using the application for studies that needs to be accompanied with a verified copy of the secondary school leaving examination certificate or other document proving the completion of secondary school education. You can submit your application by 30 September 2015. The application must be delivered to the following address: University of Central Europe in Skalica, Kráľovská 386/11, 909 01 Skalica.


Studies at UTA UCEU are subject to tuition. Tuition is the financial contribution of students to cover a part of costs related with their studies at UTA UCEU. Tuition has been set to equal EUR 40 per one academic year. Payment of tuition for one academic year must be realised by October 30 of the relevant academic year by a deposit /transfer/ to one of the following accounts:

    • ČSOB, a.s.: 4008981104/7500, v.s.: Your Birth Registration Number, c.s.: 0558,
    • Prima banka, a.s.: 2724575001/5600, v.s. Your Birth Registration Number, c.s.: 0558,

In case a student abandons the studies, he/she loses the right to the return of tuition.

Graduating from UTA UCEU

A condition of successful graduation from UTA UCEU is the participation in at least eight lectures from a total of twelve lectures in one academic year.


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