Conditions of admission


  • Graduating from university studies of the second degree (master's);
  • Successful passing of admission exams;
  • Admission exams consist of two parts: Knowledge of a foreign language and professional knowledge;
  • Foreigners except for citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners who passed secondary school leaving exam from the Slovak language in the Slovak Republic – taking the exam from the Slovak language for studies of study programmes realised in the Slovak language;


The application for studies must be submitted on a prescribed form.


  • Officially verified copy of the Birth Registration Certificate;
  • Officially verified copy of the Marriage Certificate, in case the surname was changed due to marriage conclusion;
  • Officially verified copy of the university diploma;
  • Officially verified copy of the secondary school leaving exam certificate;
  • Officially verified annex to the diploma;
  • If the applicant was granted the academic title of "master” later, an officially verified copy of the certificate of granting the academic title;
  • If the applicant attended studies abroad in line with the Decree of Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic No. 238/2005 Coll. on the Procedure When Acknowledging Documents on Education, he/she shall attach to the application form the confirmation of equivalence or a decision about acknowledging the attended university abroad;
  • An overview of activities of the applicant in the field, a list of published results (papers) or results (papers) accepted for publication, if the applicant has got such available;
  • An extract of subjects and grades of passed university studies confirmed by the Student Activities Department of passed university;
  • A verified copy of the document on taken state examination in a foreign language or on passed tests;
  • Framework project on the topic of the dissertation paper;


The admission exam consists of two parts:

  • Test of foreign language skills;
  • Professional knowledge;

The admission exam is evaluated in a scope of a maximum of 100 points in the following structure:

  • Foreign language skills (max. of 30 points);
  • Professional knowledge (max. of 70 points);


Applicants shall prepare a written paper (max. 15 pages) with a text on the issue of their selected topic of the dissertation thesis. They will present this to the relevant committee during the interview. In the second part of the admission exams in the professional part, applicants will respond to two areas of problems related with the topic of the dissertation thesis. The result of the evaluation by the examination committee is the proposal to admit or the proposal not to admit an applicant to the selected topic, if only one applicant applies for the given topic. In case of several applicants applying for the same announced topic of the dissertation thesis, the committee shall create the order of successfulness according to the result of the admission exam. If the committee proposes to admit more applicants for one announced topic, the committee shall specify the topics of dissertation theses in the records.

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