Tuition and fees


UCEU sets tuition for the academic year 2015/2016:

  • For doctoral studies in the amount of EUR 3,500.00

The fee for the PhD admission procedure: EUR 100

The fee can be paid through a postal order “U” or by a deposit or by a bank transfer to one of the following accounts:

  • 4008981104/7500 (ČSOB)
  • 2724575001/5600 (Prima banka Slovakia)

Please do not forget to state the variable symbol which is the Birth Registration Number of the applicant and the constant symbol:0558.

Opened study fields: Environmental management

Deadline for applications: by 25 August 2015

Date of the admission exam: Shall soon be announced and the applicants for doctoral studies shall be notified about the date well ahead.

The address for submitting applications:

University of Central Europe in Skalica
Kráľovská 386/11
909 01 Skalica

For more information please contact us:

Mgr. Peter Brunovský
phone: +421 34 696 52 24