International relations - master´s

The joint study programme of the 2nd degree of university studies


The joint study programme /the Joint Degree/ titled International relationshas been accredited in the Slovak republic as the study programme of the 2nd degree of university studies, i.e. master. The cooperating universities are as follows: University of Central Europe in Skalica and Uzhhorod National University /Ukraine/.

Basic characteristic

The joint study programme International relations is based on the master's study programme International relations realised by the University of Central Europe in Skalica and the master's study programme International economic relations realised by the Uzhhorod National University.

The standard length of studies of the joint study programme is 2 years, while each of the cooperating universities participates in the realisation of this study programme. The total number of credits that need to be acquired in order to graduate from this study programme is 120 credits for the whole studies. Ensuring of parts of studies by cooperating universities is stated in the recommended study plan:

Recommended study plan for the full-time form of studies
Recommended study plan for the part-time form of studies

The organisation of studies is based on the ECTS credit system of studies using the collection and transfer of credits. Forms of instruction include lectures, workshops, seminars, field trips, professional praxis, seminar papers, courses and controlled independent studies. Subjects of the study programme are taught in the Slovak or English or Ukrainian language.

Costs of mobility of students of the joint study programme (transport, accommodation, boarding, insurance etc.) shall be covered by students. The cooperating universities shall provide students of the joint study programme with equal study conditions and infrastructure as students in other accredited study programmes.

Rules and conditions of creating study plans

Students determine by taking up a class what part of obligations prescribed by the study programme they wish to pass in the given academic year of studies. Students must take up every semester classes with such credit value and in such composition (mandatory, mandatory electives and electives) so that they can meet the conditions for continued studies in the individual stages of study check and to meet the conditions for the completion of studies at the final check.

Mandatory and mandatory electives taken up in a given academic year that students failed must be taken up again during the studies /in the next year of studies/. After the second unsuccessful attempt to pass this class, the student shall be excluded from studies.

In order to move on to the next period of studies, students must meet the following conditions:

  • To document the achievement of at least 40 credits at the end of the first year of the relevant degree of studies;
  • To achieve at least 80 credits during arbitrary four consequently following semesters of studies;
  • To successfully pass repeatedly taken up classes/failed in the previous academic year/;

If any of the above-stated conditions is not met, the student shall be excluded from studies of the joint study programme.

Conditions of passing the study programme, title granted

The studies shall be completed by passing of the studies and on the day when the last of the following conditions prescribed for proper completion of the joint study programme is met:

  • Passing of all mandatory subjects and the prescribed number of mandatory electives;
  • Achieving 120 credits;
  • Successful passing of the state exam, including successful defence of the final thesis;

Passing of the state exam including the defence of the final thesis is one of the conditions of successful completion of studies in the given study programme.

The final thesis shall be developed by a student under the guidance of the thesis consultant /tutor/ from one of the cooperating universities.

The state exam can be taken by students who meet the prescribed obligations at the check of studies in the last year of their studies and who apply for the state exam by the deadline set in the schedule of studies. The state exam shall be performed in front of the examination committee.

Graduates of the joint study programme shall be granted the academic title "master" (abbreviated as “Mgr.”). Documents about passing of studies of the joint study programme /university diploma, state examination certificate and annex to the diploma/ shall be issued by UCEU for both cooperating universities. Both cooperating universities shall be stated on all documents concerning the studies that have been passed.

Conditions for admission to the joint study programme

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