Joint program studies

Joint Study Programme or the Joint Degree

The joint study programme /the Joint Degree/ is ensured by the university in cooperation with another university or universities in Slovakia or abroad. Students admitted for a study programme ensured by several universities shall pass the defined parts of studies at the individual universities. During their studies, they shall be students of all cooperating universities. Details of the joint degree realisation shall be set by an agreement of the cooperating universities. After successful passing of the joint study programme, their graduates shall receive the academic title that the cooperating universities are entitled to grant based on the process of accreditation of the joint study programme or a similar process.

Pursuant to the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and on the Amendment and Supplement to Certain Acts, as amended, conditions of accreditation and realisation of joint study programmes have been defined in Section 54a and Section 83 (18 – 21).

The joint degree is realised based on an agreement on the joint degree concluded by two or more universities. The agreement shall define terms and conditions of admitting to this study programme, terms and conditions of passing, of mobility funding, and the details concerning the organisation of studies, granting of the academic title, documents confirming the completion of studies and other important features. The joint study programme has got a designed study programme defining parts of studies /semesters, subjects/ to be attended by students on each of the cooperating universities.

The joint degree is based on the mobility of students, i.e. the students must attend the set part of studies at least on two cooperating universities. The mobility of students can be partly replaced by taking courses in form of distant studies or using videoconference equipment, if the cooperating universities have them installed.

The advantage of attending the joint study programme is gaining of international experience when attending the individual parts of studies as well as gaining language skills, because the joint study programmes are usually realised in foreign languages. The selected joint degrees can be financially supported by the European education programme - Erasmus+.

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