Interactive classrooms

  • Classrooms equipped with the most modern videoconference, interactive and computer technology;
  • Instructions takes place using videoconference technology between individual institutes of the university;
  • In HD quality, students do not have to travel, no limitation of the distance of institutes;
  • Sharing of any electronic document during online transfer of lectures;
  • Educating twice as many students in real time;
  • Educating using interactive boards with intuitive touch screen;
  • students work during the class with the most innovative computer technology;
  • The possibility to record lectures;
  • The possibility to create multi-conference links;
  • The possibility to organise international lectures, seminars, certificates etc.

For more information please contact us:

Mgr. Marcel Laurenčík
phone: +421 55 321 06 19 
Patrik Ščerbák
phone: +421 34 696 52 16