Methods of education

The University of Central Europe in Skalicarealises university education /bachelor's, master’s, doctoral studies/ and further education /Children's university, University of the third age, language and qualification courses/ through educational activities that are pursuant to Section 51 (2) of the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and on the Amendment and Supplements to Certain Acts, as amended: lecture, seminar, workshop, final thesis, project work, lab work, internship, field trip, professional praxis, state exam and their combinations.

These education activities can be realised:

  • Through the presentational method which means instruction with a direct contact of the teacher and students;
  • Through distant method when the direct contact of the teacher and students is replaced by communication through communication means, mainly means based on the use of computer networks; or
  • Through combined method.

The realisation of education using the distant method requires high-quality of technological equipment. The University of Central Europe in Skalica has been preparing conditions for the realisation of study programmes through distant and combined methods of education since 2012. Today, we offer our students instruction in fully technologically equipped interactive seminar rooms and we prepare the launch of the videoconference portal, enabling the realisation of distant university and further education.

The advantages of distant method of education are:

  • Students determine themselves the place and time of their education;
  • Students can, to a certain degree, regulate the speed of education;
  • Students have an open access to educational activities, thus they can come back to them several times;
  • Testing and evaluation of ongoing study obligations is more objective;
  • Studies are not limited with the capacity of rooms, thus a higher number of students can be educated;

A characteristic element of distant and combined method of education is their dynamic character known for constant adjustment to the requirements of the labour market and search of solutions that could put off the burden of the number of instruction hours realised by high-quality university teacher at various education institutions. Since university studies are very much based on the principle of independent study, integrating these methods of education becomes for our university rather natural than necessary.

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