The town of Skalica

The selection of the home of the University of Central Europe in Skalica as an educational institution was influenced by several historical facts concerning the town of Skalica. Education has had a tradition in Skalica since 1372 when the town was promoted to become a free royal town gaining also the patronage right of care for a school. The first written mention of a secondary school in Skalica dates back to 1542 and a university focusing on theology and philosophy was established here in 16th century. After 1777, the development of education in Skalica was characterised by the reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II, a secondary grammar school was established here (1857) with the first language of instruction being Slovak and its graduates could continue to study at universities. In 2006, the history of Skalica as a university town started to be written again thanks to the establishment of the University of Central Europe in Skalica.

The history of the town of Skalica dates back to 1217, it is long and rich. Periods of development were interrupted with periods of wars, revolutions, epidemics and natural disasters. The town was granted the privileges of a free royal town by King Ludwig I in 1372. Many historical monuments have been maintained and reconstructed in Skalica that nowadays serve for a rich cultural and historical character of this town.

Traditional as well as new cultural events and festivals take place in Skalica during the year.

Accommodation in Skalica is offered by several hotels, pensions, private facilities, secondary school dormitories (the secondary school dormitory of the Secondary Nursing School, the secondary school dormitory of the Private Secondary Vocational School Via Humana) and one university dormitory.

Restaurants, cafes, bistros and fast-food facilities offer sufficient options for boarding throughout the day.

Visitors of the town and students can spend their free time hiking, doing sports, participating in cultural events, spending time in the recreation area of Zlatníckadolina valley or for instance sailing down the Baťa’s channel. Skalica has created a rich network of retail shops, and on the outskirts of the town there is the MAX entertainment and shopping center. Skalica offers to its citizens, students as well as tourists full infrastructural facilities.

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