Qualifikation courses in the field of accounting

Qualification courses in the field of accounting

The University of Central Europe in Skalica in cooperation with VerlagDashöfer, vydavateľstvo, s.r.o., prepares the accreditation of qualification courses in the field of accounting. After the successful accreditation of these further education programmes, the cooperation institutions will participate in their organisation.Graduates of the education programmes will be issued certificates of qualification.

We prepare the accreditation of the qualification courses:

  • Introduction to accounting and taxes for beginners;
  • Accountants specialist;
  • Payroll accounting for beginners;
  • Payroll accountant specialist;
  • International Accounting Standards IFRS for beginners;
  • Financial management of a company;

For more information please contact us:

Katarína Švrčková, MSc.
phone: +421 34 696 52 18
email: k.svrckova@sevs.sk