PhD projects

Dissertation topic

PhD researcher

Making decisions based on many criteria in dealing
with environmental burdens

Ing. Eliška Kubová

Technical-technological innovations in waste management

Ing. Ivo Knápek

LCA method - barriers to and opportunities for application

Mgr. Jozef Vlčej

Environmental Management in an integrated management
system of a company

Ing. Zuzana Vyskočilová

Implementation of voluntary environmental policy
tools in Slovakia

Mgr. Andrej Kolesík

Integrated management system and its significance
in analyzing, assessing and securing product life cycle

Ing. Dušan Blattner

Effect and results of construction on environmental

Ing. Martin Ranuša

Identification of effects of intensive animal production
on environmental components in the Danube region

Ing. Arpád Figura

Managerial utilization of soil resources - risk of climate
change effect on stores of carbon in soil

Ing. Barbora Tomeková

Ecological and economic assessment of damages in
soil management caused by emissions and a
suggestion for options to increase objectivity when putting
figures on them

Ing. Zdenko Gecelovský

Use of the concept of critical mass for optimising soil use
management under the effect of acid deposits

JUDr. Ing. Edita Minďašová

Methodology of environmental assessment of strategic
development documents

Ing. Stanislav Haviar

Methodical aspects of implementing Management
of the Environment and audit in accordance with EMAS III

Ing. Emília Boďová

Methodology of green public procurement

Ing. Artur Kottner

Environmental assessment of supporting functional
schemes for treating waste in Slovakia

Mgr. Radoslav Baran

Analysis of legislative tools for applying Environmental
Management systems

JUDr. Tomáš Szabó

Dealing with and consequences of greenhouse
gas emissions in the European Union

Ing. Alžbeta Košíková

Proposal to management of Danube Island
(Gabčíkovo) water system dynamics in relation
to natural vegetation

Ing. Jana Figurová

Environmental factors in relation to the health of
people living there from a regional aspect in Slovakia

Ing. Lucia Chovancová

Analysis of relations between people and the
environment from a regional perspective in
Slovakia - application of statistical, computer
and cartographical methods

Ing. Erika Petriková

Methodology of assessing sustainable consumption
and green growth in the Slovak Republic

Ing. Marek Čepko


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