Motivational scholarship

The University of Central Europe in Skalica (hereinafter referred to as the “UCEU”) provides students motivational scholarships from the resources of the state budget assigned by the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic.

Conditions of granting motivational scholarship shall be governed as follows:

  • Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and on the Amendment and Supplement to Certain Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act");
  • Methodology of break-down of subsidies from the state budget valid for the current academic year (hereinafter referred to as the "methodology")
  • Scholarship Code of the University of Central Europe in Skalica;

UCEU shall grant students motivational scholarships:

a) In study fields stipulated in the methodology pursuant to Section 89 (8) of the Act based on analyses and prognoses of the labour market development, while considering study results from previous studies;

b) For the excellent fulfilment of student obligations, achieving excellent results in the field of studies, research, development, art or sporting activity;

Scholarships pursuant to letter a) shall be granted to a maximum of fifty percent of students from the whole number of UCEU students in selected study fields determined by valid methodology. The list of selected study fields for motivational scholarships determined by the methodology for the year 2014 is available HERE.

Scholarships pursuant to Clause 1 Letter b) shall be granted to a maximum of ten percent of students from the total number of UCEU students.

Motivational scholarship shall be granted to students as:

  • Scholarship for study results;
  • Extraordinary scholarship;

Scholarship for study results shall be granted to students studying in study programmes of the first or second degree for excellent fulfilment of study obligations in the previous academic year. When granting scholarships for study results, the following criteria shall be considered:

  1. The student has successfully passed all taken-up subjects with a grade A through E;
  2. The student has achieved a weighted study average up to 2.0;
  3. The student has not interrupted his/her studies;
  4. The student has not been repeatedly enrolled to the given year;

Extraordinary scholarships shall be granted to students studying in study programmes of the first or second degree for:

  1. Excellent result of scientific activity;
  2. Successful representation of UCEU on national or international level in knowledge, sporting and art competition and for an exemplary attitude of a student who demonstrated with his or her presentation, actions or in any other way high degree of morals and civic awareness and contributed to spreading of the university's good name;
  3. Excellent fulfilment of student obligations throughout the studies;
  4. Extraordinary quality of the final thesis;

Students shall not apply for motivational scholarships. Granting of the motivational scholarship cannot be claimed.

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