Language courses

OxTEL – Oxford Training in English Language

UCEU in Skalica enables students of the bachelor's degree to acquire the internationally acknowledged certificate of English language level.

OxPEP – Oxford Preparatory Programme for English Proficiency

UCEU in Skalica enables students of the master's degree to acquire the internationally acknowledged certificate of English language level.

Certificates are accredited by the Oxford Academy for Education and Development. The aim is to apply practical knowledge in English in Slovakia or abroad. OxTEL as well as OxPEP are focused on enabling you to live, study and work abroad. Certificates test language knowledge and skills in these categories: Listening, speaking, writing, reading and the use of English. Tests have an interactive form and emphasiseeveryday life situations.

Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

Combining modern instruction online system and a live lecturer. The online system contains interactive education also combined with a lecturer in an online class at a pre-determined time. The task of the lecturer is to motivate, explain, evaluate, and give feedback to students as well as to provide technical assistance, reporting and additional exercises. The system is compatible also with mobilephones and tablets (Apple, Android).

Why Blendedlearning?

  • The use of the system through a computer, mobilephones, tables, live, through e-mail;
  • High-quality content of study materials (more than 1,200 hours of instructions for writing, reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar);
  • Created by ETS Global which is the largest company in the world in the area of language tests;
  • Support and instruction by a lecturer;
  • Enabling personalisation of the study programme;
  • Further possibilities of use such as forums, chats, games, articles, videos, dictionaries etc.
  • Attractive price;

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Language preparation course

During each semester, English language instruction will take place at UCEU. This course is focused on improving language skills and is recommended mainly for beginners for the successful meeting of requirements of the OxTEL and OxPEP exams.

Summer in Oxford

UCEU offers you the opportunity to improve your English language directly in Oxford. You will study at one of the most famous universities in the world. You will be taught by qualified lecturers with many years of experience. You will have fun and will get to know new places and culture. The courses are suitable for everyone (not only students) ofany age;all you need to do is to fill in the application.

*we will present you this year's offer before the summer

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