The city of Košice

The second home of the University of Central Europe is the metropolis of the eastern part of Slovakia – Košice. Košice is a significant centre of the political, economic, cultural and church life. It is home to several universities and important public institutions including the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic.

The city is also the centre of important cultural institutions with national and regional scope of activities. These include the Košice State Theatre, the Košice State Philharmonics, the Slovak Technical Museum, the Eastern Slovak Museum, the Eastern Slovak Gallery and the State Scientific Library in Košice.

The rich history of the city can also be seen in the centre characterised by numerous jewels of gothic, baroque, and classicistic architecture. The most important monument of the city is the biggest gothic cathedral in Slovakia – St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral. The street, the pedestrian area of the city, is lined by palace and bourgeois houses with restaurants, pensions, boutiques, and cafes.  

In 2013, Košice was the European capital of culture.

The university building is situated in the city centre. It is modern and close to all you will need: nice and friendly information service, student activities department with all the necessary information and if needed, also the director of the institute.

Classrooms are modern with above-standard equipment. The heart of the school is its academic library equipped with hardware and software for book and journal fund. Thanks to the Academic Information System online access to information concerning the subjects, exams and progress of studies is ensured.

Student life

Numerous cultural events (concerts, festivals and club parties) taking place in Košice bring the city to the frontline of student life. Thisis documented also by the fact that Košice was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture 2013.

You can find good night clubs in Košice, but also popular alternative stages or jazz bars. There is a great offer also for the fans of cinemas and theatres.

You can find good beer as well as nice meeting places, cosy breweries and romantic cafes in Košice. You can also eat well here at reasonable prices.

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