Network of scientific research institutions in Central and South-Eastern Europe engaged in the LCA method (level 3)

Since its foundation, UCEU has been one of the most dynamically developing educational institutions in Slovakia in the area of Environmental Management. This fact predetermines us via the submitted project to create an education-communication network among partner institutions in Central and South-Eastern Europe for supporting and developing LCA methodology.

The experience that we have already had will be an important advantage in implementing the project and developing the issue mainly in the methodology of implementation in the specific conditions of Slovakia. Within the partner organisations there are evident correlations in the secured study programmes, scientific research profiling and applied research in Management of the Environment.
This year we signed a contract on cooperation and creation of a Network of Scientific Research Institutions in Central and South-Eastern Europe engaged in the LCA method with the following partner institutions:

•    University of Novi Sad
•    University of Poznaň
•    University of Miškovec
•    University of Ljubljana
•    University of J. E. Purkyně Ústí nad Labem
•    University of Josipa Juraja Strossmayera Osijek

Project aims

•    Based on the level of implementation of the LCA method in the educational and research sphere in Slovakia, compared to industrially advanced countries, the main aim of the project is research and development of the LCA methodology towards the level and state of implementation as is the case in industrially advanced and environmentally conscious countries.
•    The primary aims of the project are to increase the awareness and reporting of the issue of sustainable development, creation and protection of the environment, as well as perfecting and integrating LCA methodology for implementation in the state education and industrial sector in Slovakia.
•    The project places emphasis not only on introducing the LCA method for use among students but also into the commercial sphere for individual firms, which could contribute to identifying possible areas for improvement in the product policy of firms and to restricting negative environmental aspects during a product life cycle.
•    The project is supposed to contribute to developing the knowledge basis, communication, implementation and popularisation of the LCA method in the Slovak Republic, via communication with partner organisations in the Central and South-Eastern Europe region.

Project benefits

•    A benefit of the submitted project will be the organisation of thematic conferences, workshops and output in the form of specialist scientific publications on the LCA issue among individual partnership organisations. An expected result of this effort should be deeper research and creation of new knowledge about the LCA method and its gradual involvement in the awareness of not only students and through them as graduates in practise, but also of the public in the broadest meaning of the word.
•    One of the auxiliary socio-economic benefits of the project is the creation of a competent, funded scientific research team for developing and implementing LCA methodology in practise.
•    One of the fundamental priorities and benefits of the project is also "integration of young scientists" into the project with the aim of involving them in scientific research activity and improvement in research and implementation of the LCA method.
•    The project will contribute to the development of the network of LCA centres set up for pedagogical scientific research processes in Central and South-Eastern Europe - CASE-LCA. By being part of this network, we will be able to apply for and participate in big-budget projects, e.g. FP 8.
•    The project will contribute to the development and fulfillment of requirements, both in terms of the product and in terms of the process, where in formulating LCA studies effective tools and software must be used, for example Gabi and Sima, for improving the environmental attributes of a product.

For more information please contact us:
doc. RNDr. Jozef Minďaš, PhD.
phone: +421 34 696 52 24